What is the app all about?

Supe is a multi-use social media platform that allows anyone to start earning from publishing content that people want to see!

As a follower, you can start receiving premium content from your favourite social media influencers that they don't share anywhere else.

As an influencer, you get to do what your do best, but have immediate financial reward by adding a cost for your followers to view your content you send out!

The beauty of Supe is that anyone can start earning. You just need to go out and get some followers and start sending out the premium content.

Using the concept of ephemeral content, you can be sure that the messages you send out are unique and captivating. And by setting a viewing time, you can offer glimpses into your exciting life, or let them soak it in for 24 hours before it disappears.

Supe is built for you all, and we want it to be for all, so please leave any feedback/ideas on how to improve it and we'll be listening!


The Supe Team

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